Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I had a quick breakfast of a buttermilk drop biscuit leftover from dinner last night before I left for church and 1/2 of a tea cake at church.  Sunday morning...on the go!
The girls were given toast (?) and ham by Daddy this morning, as far as I know.

I had a wide variety of yummies at a co-worker's bridal shower.  I brought heart-shaped cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, and some of the other goodies were a cranberry & orange spice cheese ball served with graham crackers, a chipotle cheese ball covered with a strawberry chipotle sauce, crab dip, Cane's chicken fingers, spinach & artichoke dip, chicken salad, chicken/almond/basil sandwiches, and lots of other yumminess!  And, of course, a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
I have no idea what the hubby fixed the girls or had for lunch.  Mommy needed a break!  Just hope they ate!  :-)

After the bridal shower this afternoon, I just had a small bowl of the lentil vegetable soup I made yesterday with a small piece of biscuit.
The girls and the hubby had soup & biscuits, and munched on snacks after the evening service at church.
Again, it's Sunday, the day of grazing and grabbing what you can find!  :-)

What did your family eat today?


  1. We had ElMariachi tonight! Yummy!

  2. today for lunch we had some yummy pb&j with apple slices and cheese
    dinner we had ur lentil soup reciepe u posted yesterday!! OH SO YUMMY!

  3. We had Italian Grinder Sandwiches that I made yesterday in the crockpot! My crockpot is my bff.

  4. Amanda: mmmm....ElMariachi! Yum!

    Heather: So glad you like the soup! We love it!

    Maranda: I'd LOVE to have the recipe for the Italian Grinder Sandwiches! Do you have a link, or would you mind posting it here? Thanks! I've fallen in love with my crock pot, too! Planning to use it later this week!

  5. What an interesting concept for a blog! Glad I saw your post on FB.

    While I'm here...we had blueberry pancakes and ham for breakfast, lunch was BBQ at a pool party and for dinner we had jambalaya from my nephew's fundraiser at church. I got off easy today!