Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We had Cheerios and raisins with milk.

Morning Snack:
I had a chewy chocolate granola bar.  My oldest had Teddy Grahams and/or whole grain Goldfish at school and my youngest had whatever they gave her in the nursery while I was in a Bible study class!  :-)

I had a teachers' meeting today, so the girls had Red Baron pepperoni pizzas and fruit salad, while I had a BLT on whole grain bread with Harvest Chedder Sun Chips, mini dill pickles, cream cheese brownies, and a Skinny Cow (such an offensive name!!!) chocolate ice cream sandwich.  Yum!  :-)  I can tell I'm going to enjoy meeting days!  :-)

It was DATE NIGHT!  The hubby and I each had a salad (caesar for him & garden w/ raspberry walnut vineagrette dressing for me), split a pizza (supreme for his half and spinach & artichoke on my half), and shared a massive white chocolate macadamia nut cookie w/ vanilla ice cream on top!  Yummy!
The girls had chicken nuggets, carrots, and sugar free strawberry applesauce.

What did your family eat today?

Edited to add:  The grocery store was out of our normal chicken nuggets, so I bought new ones.  I missed the egg white on the list of ingredients of the nuggets I did purchase, which made my older daughter sick.  For those of you w/ food allergy kiddos, please, never let down your guard, and check those labels at least 3 times before you serve!  Scary!

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