Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We had Cheerios with blueberries and milk.  My 2-year-old also had a banana - I found her at the table eating one that she must have taken down off of the counter and peeled for herself.....poor, hungry, self-sufficient girly!  I was on my way to make breakfast!  I promise!  :-)

Morning Snack:
We each had a banana for snack this morning, and the girlies also snacked after their preschool/PreK Open House.  They had animal crackers, Goldfish crackers, Cheez-Its, vanilla wafers (2-year-old only because my oldest is allergic to the egg in them), and they both, unfortunately, found the lemonade dispenser, which is probably why they lost the privilege of going to a "nice" restaurant for lunch and then having yummy frozen yogurt after as a treat.  Oh well.  Mommy got her shopping done instead!  :-)

We had an Archer Farms Spinach and Goat Cheese pizza.  Well, I ate plenty of it, my 2-year-old ate the crust and cheese, and my 4-year-old didn't really like it at all.  Oh well.  At least she attempted to try it.

Afternoon Snack:
We'll have apple slices and the whole grain Cheez-Its I found at Target today!  Wahoo!

We'll be having more of the Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches on rolls with provolone cheese.  I really, really hope to have time to make oven-baked sweet potato fries to go with them!
For those who asked about my review of this recipe:
I think that if you're a French Dip kind of person, this might be right up your alley.  I'm not really into it - might be all of the MSG in the soups, but it tends to be overwhelming and almost has a fake flavor in the background.  The hubby and my 4-year-old LOVED it.  In fact, my 4-yr-old asked if I could make it "every day!"  I couldn't really tell that there was any cheese on the sandwich, altough I loved knowing it was there!  :-)  Also, even though the meat cooked probably an hour or so over the time I planned to cook it (I spent about an hour in traffic on my way home, grrr!), it was still very tender and juicy!  I say, give it a go to see if you like it!
After the second night of eating it, it IS pretty good!  I DO recommend it, just wish I could find a way to make it so yummy without the MSG.  Enjoy!

What did your family eat today?

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  1. Here's how our day went:

    Waffles & milk

    AM Snack
    Apple slices, string cheese & apple juice

    Turkey & swiss sandwiches with cheetos & milk

    PM Snack
    Yogurt, animal crackers & apple juice

    Hopefully we're having homemade pizza with turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, sauted spinach & onions, and pizza blend shredded cheese & milk.