Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

The girls had baggies of Honey Kix in the van on the way to carpool & milk before we left the house this morning.  I had half of an apple as I sliced the other half for my big girl's lunch and coffee.  I met a friend for a late breakfast at a local beignet shop. Oh My Goodness!  Nutella beignets and hot chocolate!!!  Can you say Chocolate Heaven?!?  Yum!  It was a great treat on this day that had a rough start!

My big girl had a PB & all-fruit jelly sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread with apple slices and celery sticks with diluted 100% apple juice to drink.  My little bit & I surprised big girl with a lunch date at school.  Little bit loves to order a lunch tray at the school & I wished I had purchased a lunch ticket once I saw what was on my little bit's tray!  Ham slices with pineapple, sweet potatoes, peas, & wheat bread!  Little bit had a 100% apple juice container with her lunch tray.  She wants to have hot lunch in the cafeteria once she starts there next year, and with such healthy & yummy options, I just might let her!  I treated myself to a Jimmy John's turkey sub on the way home with vinegar & salt chips, & a soft drink.  Mommy's been in a funk lately, and treats have made life more pleasant.

Afternoon Snack:
Big girl had a friend over for an after school playdate and really wanted her friend to try Nutella, so the girls had Nutella on 100% whole wheat bread with diluted 100% apple juice.  Big girl's friend loved it!  :-)

Chicken Tikka Masala leftovers made their appearance with brown basmati rice.  A friend came over later and shared a flamingo daiquiri with me & we shared some popcorn while we watched Bridesmaids.  A very nice end to a very hectic week!

What did your family eat?

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