Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

The girls had baggies of Honey Kix, and I had Multigrain Cheerios in a baggie on the way to work.  The girls drank their milk & took their vitamins before we left & I had coffee at work!

Due to this mommy setting her alarm clock for PM instead of AM, the girls had a thrown-together lunch of leftover pizza from Saturday night's free Papa John's pizza (from earning Papa Points), frozen Simply GoGurts, and 100% juice Capri Suns.  I had a SmartOnes from the freezer.

Afternoon Snack:
The girls' behavior was pretty good at Target during our weekly shopping trip, so they earned a bag of popcorn (the cashier is usually sweet enough to split it into two bags, one for each girl), and I had the caffeinated beverage that came with the popcorn "meal!"  :-)  I grabbed a blueberry all-fruit pull-apart this evening to make it until dinner time.

We'll be finishing off the Egg-Free Baked Fish Sticks with natural ketchup, edamame & salad.

What did your family eat today?

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