Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week's Meal Plan (October 10-16, 2011)

  • Cinnamon raisin bagels with choice of strawberry or honey nut cream cheese.  I imagine my big girl will ask for butter & all-fruit jelly, but I'll still give her the cream cheese option & ask her to taste it. 
  • Peanut butter & honey on whole wheat toast.
  • Last minute breakfast choice:  Honey Kix or Original Cheerios in baggies on the way to carpool.
  • The girls always have skim milk to drink & I always have coffee!!!

  • Sandwich:  Natural turkey or peanut butter & all-fruit jelly sandwiches on 100% whole wheat bread (Nature's Own is still $1.99/loaf at our Target!!)
  • Veggie:  Celery sticks
  • Fruit/Dessert:  Apple slices, frozen Simply GoGurts, and/or Archer Farms' new Pull-Apart Fruit Peels in strawberry or blueberry
  • Diluted Simply Lemonade or 100% apple juice
  • I'll probably eat the leftovers of the yummy taco soup I made tonight to bring to church friends.

  • Nutella on 100% whole wheat bread
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Frozen Simply Gogurts
  • Monday & Tuesday:  Skinny Taste's Filipino Adobo Chicken with brown rice & microwave-steamed broccoli
  • Wednesday:  Dinner at church
  • Thursday & Friday:  My friend Angie's Oven Baked Fish Sticks with sweet potato fries
  • Saturday:  Date night, so kiddos eat at the in-laws' house
  • Sunday:  Dinner at church & leftovers for our food allergy sweetie 
Most of the items listed or used in the listed recipes have been purchased with coupons, a special deal, or price-compared.  Please check out my Great Deals page for links to coupon websites, or ask me & I'll be happy to share with you!

Can't publish this post without linking to a wonderful article posted on The Finer Things In Life.  Loved it!!  "Do the Next Thing {Get it Together ~ Day 8}"

Blessed week!

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