Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our food allergy sweetie had a whole wheat egg-free waffle with Nutella spread on it, and the little bit and I had whole grain waffles spread with Nutella.  The girls had milk & I had coffee.  Mommy's still feeling under the weather (can't shake this allergy stuff & yesterday's vacuuming has my throat hurting again)....Nutella can go a LONG way in helping the Mommy's morning start off a little bit happier!

The girls had natural turkey sandwiches on 100% whole wheat bread, strawberry fruit pull-aparts, and baggies of almonds.  They had diluted 100% apple juice in their thermoses.  I had the remaining leftovers of the Filipino Adobo Chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. good!

Afternoon Snack:
It was a busy afternoon of errand running (needed milk & egg-free mayo from Whole Foods, and needed to see if Albertson's had restocked their tilapia so I could use my rain check for the Buy 1 Get 2 Free coupon - they had!!), so it was a rushed snack time.  Each girl chose a small apple from the kiddo-friendly free snack stand at Whole Foods.  Big girl's class had been rewarded with Starburst gummies by their music teacher, so after checking the ingredients, she was allowed to enjoy those.  Little bit was treated to Annie's Strawberry fruit snacks that I purchased with Amazon's Subscribe & Save feature when they were on super-sale last week.  So, they each had an apple & fruit snacks for snack.  Not our healthiest pre-soccer practice snack, but not the worst either!  :-)

We were blessed with a recipe my good friend, Angie, shared with us for baked fish sticks.  We had Egg-Free Baked Fish Sticks with microwave-steamed edamame and natural ketchup.  Because both girlies finished their dinners so quickly, they each had a small serving of mini chocolate chips for dessert.  I highly recommend trying this fish stick recipe, even using regular egg mayo.  Very yummy!!  Thanks, Angie, for offering our big girl and family, another fun, egg-free & yummy recipe!

What did your family eat today?
God bless!

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