Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

We were out of our routine this morning because our big girl was off of school this morning.  The girls had original Cheerios & I had Multigrain Cheerios in baggies in the van.  I grabbed some coffee once I arrived at the preschool for work!

The girls & I used a FB deal coupon for a free small cheese pizza from Hungry Howies & enjoyed that with apple slices.  The girls had milk to drink & the little one had some colby jack cheese slices because she was still hungry.

Afternoon Snack:
Big girl had a GoGurt & I don't remember the little bit having a snack.  We had surprise visitors this afternoon, so we enjoyed our visit & then played with our sweet neighbor.

The girlies had the last of the Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets with natural ketchup, sweet potato fries, apple slices, and milk to drink. Little bit was able to choose a treat from our treat box (old, cleaned out coffee container, where all of the egg-free candy from Halloween & other celebrations goes for treats) & big girl chose to eat some Nutella from a spoon for dessert.  I had a big bowl of last night's Soccer Night Minestrone & Turkey Meatball Soup.

What did your family eat today?

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