Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

So....where have I been, you might (or might not) wonder?  Well, I finally went to the doctor on Monday, after being under-the-weather for 3 weeks, and was told that I had bronchitis, a sinus infection, and a double ear infection.  So, this news led me to actually listen to my body, and the doctor, and do some good resting this week.  We've been having leftovers of Monday night's cheesy potato soup, which I think was delicious, especially when served with sourdough french bread, and even better with bacon on top! 

The girls and I had whole wheat bagels with various toppings.  Big girl had all-fruit jelly, little bit had strawberry cream cheese & I had honey nut cream cheese.   The girls had milk to drink & Mommy had coffee!!

Big girl had a natural turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread with carrot sticks, apple slices, and a 100% juice CapriSun.  Little bit & I had a lunch date (it's been a few weeks) at her favorite restaurant, a local Japanese buffet with sushi, hibachi, warm foods, salads, desserts, and lots of yummy foods.  It was a nice treat!

I'm making Sweet Peas and Pumpkins' FNB--Mom's Oh-so-good Tilapia. I mixed the sauce ingredients early & stuck it in the fridge.  I used only one pinch of red pepper, as my family is not fond of spicy hot foods.  I find that one or two pinches is usually their max.  I also mixed the panko/sesame mix in the bag early, so it'll be ready when the fish is thawed.  As I type, the rice is steaming on the stove, the fish is thawing in cool water, and everything's ready to prepare a yummy dinner!  I plan to serve this with micro-steamed broccoli florets.  Looking forward to it!  I'll try to post pictures later tonight!

Getting nice & toasty!

Yummy pile of fish waiting for sauce

Simma down now, sauce!

Fish covered in yummy sauce.

Hubby declared this dinner "absolutely extraordinary!"

What did your family eat today?

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